Friday, December 2, 2011

Win Win Win!!!

Win Win Win!!!
is always that I thought
Neither a competition or a game
Never lose was I taught
with my sister or my brother
Never lose was I taught
An argument or a debate
Never lose was I taught

My heart then had to wait and think
What was I actually taught?
It was not never lose in what I participate
It was not to lose my confidence and courage
and not to lose trust and faith
It was not to always win that I was taught
It was to win heart and not to hurt that I was taught
Life gave me many lessons
The experiences were my teacher who actually taught!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I salute u!!!

You are born to a mother
You die for another
How may I thank you?
For being my savior

Your blood has the courage
To fight the death
You are never afraid or scared
To face anything that stops your breath

You neither sleep for our sleep
Nor you are tired of  being our guard
You stand the cold of siachen
To protect our lives from the parasites of the nation

Yours is the best life I should say
You always earn the respect and love for being there
I owe you my life and pray for yours
For being my care taker like my parents do!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

My wish to Visit Paris!!

I have a wish like any other
A Wish I am longing for
Its a Visit to Paris
To reach the top of Eiffel Tower

One of the 7 wonders of the World
Pulls my heart Towards it
I wish I fulfil my wish
and be content with the feel it offers

Its been my desire for a long time
and May be its not that I deserve
I will gift this to myself one day
With the memories I could preserve ever after

Monday, August 22, 2011

Think before you hurt!!!

Being closer doesn’t bring people together

It is god’s decision to be born for each other

The first Love need not bond the two completely

Its confidence and understanding that play the reel

Saying “I Love you” sometimes fixes the joint

The expectations in love breaks the point

Never know when the other person leaves you

In the end it might be you who backs off and is true!!

Don’t be the part of love when you know it doesn’t work out

Poor the other part, it might have never dreamnt to be lost in drought

The scar your love leaves in others heart is not seen

The pain which is left behind is difficult to be healed.

This experience in life makes one's thoughts worse

Concluding that remembrance is always a curse..

Memories are better cherished only

Filling life with the love we wanted lavishly!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Missing U!!

Your absence in my life

Made the world seem too dark

My path so opaque

For any light to pass

Nothing coming my way

Neither any other could I take

I still miss your presence

Waiting for the day u‘ll be there forever

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wanna be a Baby!!

Gifted to the nature
By a Sensitive Woman
Delighting the world 
With their sizzling eyes
Innocence in Smile
Warmth in touch
Cute and Small
Worth having a hug

No special language
to convey wat is felt
Only laughs and cry
fills mom's eye with joy
Apple of mother's eye
future of dad's hope
Blessed by god above
To give and take all the love 

I wish to be a baby again
pampered and cuddled by all
No worries and no pain
Adding life to parents life :) 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Friend- My Rain

My Best friend for a life time 
Showered from so high
But I wonder why does the sky cry
Having my presence to cherish every moment with joy

Its arrival makes me happy
and sky no more serene
Delighting my heart
and glowing my face so bright

It doubles my excitement
Shares my tears
accompanying me for the moment
silently saying me that I am not alone and I need not fear

I love it when it drizzles
Its touch so soft and gentle
The raising up of soils essence
Makes me miss its absence

I know another companion of rain
It is the 7 colored VIBGYOR born to vanish all the pain
Together very beautiful and wonderful it is
Surprising me and consoling me at ease

I bow to the creator of mine
Blessing me with such a world to dine
 Adoring and Inspiring
Proving that this life is worth living!! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Exams say!!! :P

I am cursed by many
   taken for granted by few
Ever had u thought abt me?
 I make ur day different and new!!

I build ur career
I strengthen ur confidence
 Never U feel I am barrier
 Restricting from all ur happiness :P

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lines written after seeing a hurted friend!!!

 My day starts with your thoughts
 A text from u glows my heart
your smile in the msg reflects in my eyes
A blunt msg bring tears in mine!!

Every second is spent thinking
Every min seems worth waiting
Every hour of mine is expecting your return
And Everyday hopes for the happy day to come

Many things you had promised
 A wonderful life we had dreamt 
What went wrong after the decision has been taken?
 Never we thought we r traveling towards wrong destination!!!

Why did u come into my life?
and now why is my neck aimed with a knife?
If I am not the right one?
Then why did I raise hopes for the life time?

I am now not like before
Neither can I take the path life tells me to go
An emotional defeat in my life
Accepting it is difficult and tough!!! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

My world then and my world Now!!

Once a beautiful world around
Only Family and friends through out
Every moment cheerful
With all things so colorful

Time with brothers and sisters was joyful
And that with Friends and neighbors was blissful
I always had the best in my life
And never there was place for grief and cry
Never life was a chance for me
Neither I had to compromise or plead
Always past was memorable
And I made sure tomorrow’s past is answerable

I always chose to be happy 
For having no reason to be sad 
But now it’s all new what I feel
With all the reasons in the world so bad

Once life was filled with only excitement
Now all hopes shattered with disappointment
Dreamt of many things that would happen
But all the dreams were just dreams to be real

Things once right are wrong today
Quitting the decisions once made is fading me away
Losing a part of life could even have been better
But losing my life to life is very bitter
It’s tough to accept life this way
My heavy heart cries within for this to say!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My New World!!

Once I was in Love with it
and it was my dream
now I am with it
But it lead me to Scream
Back home down
Sometimes i frown
Hurting decision I made
For which I used to crave
Too much of excitement I had
Now What I feel is Bad
Can I make a difference?
I want the answer to be Yes!
I am like a corpse here
 none to speak or to share
Every day my friends visit me
they are frustration and anger
I go home silent
I reach home violent
I am disturbed everyday
as I find no grass but only hay

So much of difference in me
like a plant becoming a Tree
 I once called myself an angel
as I was always there to make my friends cheer
Now I need someone to treat me so
and someone who will never let me go
  One day I would jump laugh and enjoy
I wouldn't be this way and cry!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

You will Never Understand!!!!

When Love Sprouts its Beautiful
As days go on, it feels wonderful
When it sheds its Painful
and the hurt is never heal-able

 Care and response is what I expect
Love and grace is my need
It hurts when not received
Only the tears in my heart can tell u how I feel 

Loving u with out expectation is impossible
and my heart for u is not readable
How else may I  express it to u
for the reason u r just adorable !!! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Smile!!

A curve on my lips
 Extending from east to west :)
As strong as the whip
 visiting me as a regular guest!!
It comes to me when a baby smiles
Also when I think about you for a while
My Moms Hug and Dads Pat
My Sister's Kiss and my friend's Prank
All stores a Smile beneath
 and are reflected on my face with a sheen
I find it in every minute thing
 with no season and timing!
Every wish on my birthday carries it
 Every surprise my friends give brings me this ;)
The smell of mud during the first rain
Brings the smile vanishing all pains
My smile is hidden in the tom and jerry's fight
It is sincere and as pure as white
Smile for me is contagious
It has no end and is Precious
 Smile at me and I smile at you
It comes from heart and is true :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are you really happy???

You get up leisurely at ten
you are alone in your den
You have freedom while cooking
None to dare to share and clean

You have so much money
Not knowing for whom to spend a penny
You get everything with a snap
But no chap to enjoy and chat

You are the boss at work
None to dare to give you a jerk
You are proud to be independent
But none to Pat and appreciate

you say you are happy!!
With everything yet nothing?
Accept everyone with affection
As life is not about perfection

Make sure the challenge is not the distance
Realize there is a reason for everyone's existence!!
The pleasure in having someone is infinite
The happiness that lies in it is ultimate!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Day !!!

It is in the morning seven
 I would be in the heaven
My Dad wakes me up scolding
Reminding of time again and again
I never got to see birds flying
Nor listen to Cuckoo singing
The Dew on the grass is said to be beautiful
I also heard every morning is colorful
I never got to experience these
as I am busy in my dreams

Finally the princess opens her eyes
Making the world feel happy and nice
I would start my first task for the day
That is to remember god and pray
I then check for msgs on my mobile
for which I would reply with a smile
Now its time to get ready
I dress up and become a fairy

Everyday is a routine start
But its my friends who generate the spark
They taught me to laugh, love and Live
From which I learn't to give and forgive
No matter how my day goes
I end up thanking god for the day with a bow
The goddess of sleep then calls me
welcoming me to the wonderful dreams
Next day would start the same way
What I expect is only Fun and Play!!!

My Friends!!

Yeah! Hear I am!
Happy! Excited! Confused!

Loads of love and care
For me from many to Share

What do I expect anymore
May be hugs and Best Wishes
Pleasant words to encourage
Smiling face to Support
Without which my existence would have been difficult!
I love you for being there
and making me happy yet again
We had fights and laughter
And Now I have memories to cheer ever after
You made me gain the confidence
to fight the pain the world offers
Never would I dare to lose You
u r a gift treasured for a life time
I thank God for uniting us
Trust me, we are gonna be separated never ever !
Love you friend!! Love you Loads!!