Monday, May 23, 2011

My Day !!!

It is in the morning seven
 I would be in the heaven
My Dad wakes me up scolding
Reminding of time again and again
I never got to see birds flying
Nor listen to Cuckoo singing
The Dew on the grass is said to be beautiful
I also heard every morning is colorful
I never got to experience these
as I am busy in my dreams

Finally the princess opens her eyes
Making the world feel happy and nice
I would start my first task for the day
That is to remember god and pray
I then check for msgs on my mobile
for which I would reply with a smile
Now its time to get ready
I dress up and become a fairy

Everyday is a routine start
But its my friends who generate the spark
They taught me to laugh, love and Live
From which I learn't to give and forgive
No matter how my day goes
I end up thanking god for the day with a bow
The goddess of sleep then calls me
welcoming me to the wonderful dreams
Next day would start the same way
What I expect is only Fun and Play!!!


Valli said...

Simple ga undi...sweet ga undi...
Nicely written :)

Siny U K Nair said...

Valli :)