Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Its not easy!!

To dance is easy
To create it is not
To cry is easy
To cry alone is not
To play is easy
with your heart is not!!
To smile is easy
To be happy is not
To love is easy
To be loved is not
To be positive is easy
To be an optimist is not
To expect is easy
To achieve is not!!
To be alone is easy
But being lonely is not
To live is easy
living for self is not
Life is easy
Being lively is not!!
In the end everything seems easy
acting upon them is not!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The pain is still mine!!!

Easy to smile
Good to pretend to be happy
But the heavy heart cries within
Since the pain is still mine!!

My inner self is hurt
For the pain it bares
You can sympathize or empathize
The pain is still mine!!!

You can see my pain
Or feel the same
Cry or console do not always work
Since the pain is still mine!!!

Expectations hurt!!!

Expectations are born
To ruin not just mentally
But also physically!!
It ruins the thoughts
And the confidence is lost
Life embarrassing at the moment
Yet lesson not learnt
Why do I still expect
Knowing its consequences?
Am I testing my fate?
Or am I deciding my destiny?
What so ever it is
It only leads me to regret!!!
Today I realize the pain
But tomorrow I repeat this again
I only expect things
To only fall down again and again!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

For U..Dear Brother!!!

Like a Pillar to a house
As roots to a tree
I have strength too
It is None other but YOU!!

We have seen each other’s joy
We have seen the pain
We have been there for each other
And will always be

Our relationship is like a star
Very small and twinkling for others
We know how huge and vast it is
For anybody to even think

A laugh together after a big fight
Surprised many at their first sight
Very few understand us as we do
With Love and care our only glue

I shall always be there for you
As your loving sister
Will always stand by your side
First in the line for my wonderful brother!!

My sweet Sister

My friend for the life time
Available every minute
Laughter or cry
Together every moment

you care beyond limit
Trust more than any
Love without reason
Ego and Envy, Never your cup of tea

It is a bless to be
With a sister like the one god gave me
you have been my strength
Fighting the weaknesses I have

Fights were once our mission
Pulling hair, our favorite sport
These were once with each other,
Today we use them for those who interfere!!

I shall never let you go from me
For any reason the world offers
Like ever, I will be there
To protect and safe guard you, my little gal!!