Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Few are special

Like the dusk over the sun
And the darkness over the sky
The dullness over the dear one’s face
Shadows on ours

A single tear in the heart
Eradicates multiple reasons to smile
So much special few are to us
Someone to be cared and loved always

Awww!! Tough to accept

 A gregarious gal I have been
Always smiling and talkative
I made friends all the way
For the lifetime few stay

Never had I known I am a curse
Talking to me leads to worse
My friends being the victims
It’s putting me down and squeezed

Like a scorch on hand
The heart suffering the burns         
Thoughts charred to death
With feelings flamed until evaporated!

Friday, October 19, 2012

:) :(

 A Smiling Face
A Crying heart
Can go together
With thoughts apart

Eyes filled with tears
With lips Curved
Misguides people
And what they perceive

Accepting life is easy
Losing what we love is tough
Hence Philosophy plays the role
To hide the pain with laugh

Though it’s harsh
Life has to go on
Compromise making its way
To believe this is what one deserves