Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Drops of light and hope
Poured showers to burning thought!
Thunders of inner voice
Illuminating the life of water scarce throat.
Hurting are the thoughts of those eyes
With not even a drop to cry
Struggling and fighting in pain
As a reaction for the action, we are causing to the earth again!
As a Mom, she gave us a place to live love and laugh
As a Parent, can we give our child the same we had had?
We have every right to make it a better place to be
But not a single opportunity we leave to fulfil our ego and greed!
Calling it Global warming or Climatic change
Is not anything more than just a term or Name!
Dinosaurs and many others have already gone
I see, it is now our time to follow and go!!

Monday, January 13, 2014


Omg! Look at her curved lips
aren't they flattering?
The innocence in her eyes
adding to her beautiful smile

An angel she surely must be
So adorable and cute
Happy soul and amazing charm
born to make my moment warm!

Sweet heart! May you be as pleasing as you look
and as pure as you seem to be
as you surely would do wonders
in the life of those around thee

PS: not sure who this sweety is, found her on google images and wanted to preserve her pic this way.

Thanks! you made a difference!

I know the world is not sweet
Does that mean I shouldn't be?
I understand that world also cheats
Isn't my responsibility too to be aware of it?

Many walk into our lives often
Few mark their foot prints too
They may be sweet or a cheat
But surely they have taught us something worthy

It so happens that the moments are cherished longer
the hurt they caused is deeply rooted
either ways they are part of our life
Gifting us moments or lessons to be remembered with pride

Thanks to everyone of you out there
you made a mark in my life yesterday or today
Believe me, you will never ever be forgotten
For you gave me thoughts for a wonderful tomorrow! 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Flowers! .. they teach a lot


Do we know to treat a flower?
knowing its one of the best creations
there is a  lot to learn from her
For me its simplicity and forgiveness!

May it be temple, home or marriage
or be it to decorate a long beautiful hair
we owe a lot to its beauty
in the end, we care the least for it!

Its tender petals and beautiful structure
with wider species and colours
It has only treated our eyes and heart!
Simplicity is what I call..

Never had it asked us to not separate her from its plant
nor it cursed us for our deeds towards her
it only gave out more fragrance even when crushed
Teaching us the best lesson about forgiveness! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

change, changed, changing! awaiting a positive one!


Things change
situations change
Priorities change
Life changes
Going through the similar phase
not realising whats the change
happenings in life were fun
no more I find them the same

Toastmasters isn't addicting
My favourite movies are also not exciting
Something is distracting
making me realize I am changing
These made my life once
today I am awaiting a break
Goals in my life were tied to few
But I want to crush them away

Something is haunting
left me wondering
still in the state of confusion to find
what in this world is for me to prove
analysing my life
in quest for the answer 
desperate wait
for one day, I will conquer!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Proud Siny! :)

A silly and joyous girl
 in this pampered and caring world 
short tempered and sensitive too
Mess with me if u care to do!

When Siny is happy 
Every one around is Smiling
When she is not
People raise their doubt

I was told I sound rude and rough the first time
Please do not judge me in that sight
I care and understand people so much
I consider myself a wandering angel

I am loved for what I am 
I am hated if I am not so
you understand if things are not fine with me
through my voice or my eyes you see

To know more about Siny
have patience to scroll down to read 
Siny is a ego less girl you can ever see
Never jealousy play a role in me

I am a daughter to many around me
I made home in many hearts who know me
Talkativeness and cheerfulness are my friends
God and destiny are the 2 I would believe till the end

Being happy is what I choose
Positive end in anything is I always look
God gave me this life to make it worth
By serving and saving people who need my help!

My decisions are valued always
I am respected too in different ways
The smallest surprise can also make me happy
The time with family makes me complete

I realized I am loved by many
many express it when something is bothering me
as a bubbly and laughing kid you will know me
I want to be what I have always been ;)

Siny never lies but sometimes hides the truth
Siny never cheats as she was never taught to do
Siny only carries the charm of a human
as She is raised to treat every human the same

Many not know Siny inside out
she is very fragile like a touch me not
She gets hurt very easily
Fortunately she forgets and forgives with the same speed!

This is no exaggeration nor excitement
Neither it is self boasting or appraisal
I am beyond words to express my happiness
as I learnt that I am treated very special and rare!

Siny decided to be the same with all
no matter u want me or throw me hard
I request u to not judge me negatively
as u might end up missing a beautiful soul sadly

Yes, I am proud to be born on this earth
I am sure I sprinkle the magical smiles & laughs 
making a difference in everyone's life is my aim
But promise urself to not hurt me in vain!

Monday, January 6, 2014

uff.. tough day!

Never before this breathlessness
Never before this tension
Not sure of the reason
but want things to strengthen

As always I threw the ego away
To hope for the good day
wishing the sun shines my face with his rays
before he calls it a day today

Realizing my mistake was not late
neither was it too difficult
going back wasn't hard
relieved is what I felt

fingers cross and mouth shut
Silence is what I want in the present
Nervousness still creeping
Thanks to that strong force that is keeping me happy!!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

life also hurts!

We have choices 
all through the life
but whats worth
its difficult to arrive

If given a chance to choose
family or career
I would blindly pick
the first rather the latter

People walk into my life
for this attitude I have
same walk out
for the same reason all around

Its their choice
but sometimes my problem
time turns harsh with flame
giving everyone a chance to blame

Live is still to be accepted
as I learn different things always
yet its difficult to go with the wind
for the hurt it causes!! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Life is truly positive!

Life! a Journey of happiness
Mix of emotions
Love of near & dear ones
With Sudden surprises it might lend
Watever it comprises
It stores wat one deserves
You can call it Karma or destiny
But reason behind its happening will be once evident
Wat goes around will come around too
With journey uninterrupted and consistent
Remember..the coin also has 2 sides 
and the Beauty lies in how we see it!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

God! Save the queen

It’s hurting to laugh
It’s hurting to cry
It’s hurting to talk
It’s hurting while I give it a thought

I am helpless
But I have to make a choice
Rather surrender to chance
For everyone’s joy

Confusion all over
Struggle within
Sharing or hiding
Neither helping nor diluting

Looking for a genie
to help me change
both my decisions and me
giving people a better world to see!!!