Friday, January 10, 2014

change, changed, changing! awaiting a positive one!


Things change
situations change
Priorities change
Life changes
Going through the similar phase
not realising whats the change
happenings in life were fun
no more I find them the same

Toastmasters isn't addicting
My favourite movies are also not exciting
Something is distracting
making me realize I am changing
These made my life once
today I am awaiting a break
Goals in my life were tied to few
But I want to crush them away

Something is haunting
left me wondering
still in the state of confusion to find
what in this world is for me to prove
analysing my life
in quest for the answer 
desperate wait
for one day, I will conquer!


Sri Valli said...

Hope all your questions are answered soon dear! beautifully expressed poem

Siny U K Nair said...

Hey.. Am happy re :) I write in the state of emotion, once I am done.. I am absolutely from all the hurting thoughts :).. Thanks Valli for your concern :)