Saturday, July 28, 2012


Have a dream
That let you not sleep
Also, dream the dream
To find the ways to accomplish it
Dreaming of Something
Gives us a better reason to live
Not to be the One like others
But to be "One amongst Others"
Life without destination is like a road
It goes on.. with No end
If you still don’t dream and look for a way
Trust me...Disappointment is surely on its way!!
Dreaming to accomplish
But just nearing and not approaching it
Cannot replace the happiness of achievement it gives
Nor can it carry the weight of victory!!
It is like compromising for being in the golden cage
Finding it different from the Iron cage
In the end, the parrot is STILL IN THE CAGE
Struggling between the same circulated panels
Dreams can never be over rated
Dreams are precious and absolutely priceless
Dreams are too expensive to be bought
Since, Dreams can never be "FOR SALE"!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

God- This one for you :)

Hey God!!!
I listen to you
As I have faith in you
Everything you choose for me is unique
Anything you make me do is to Cherish
I know you always guide me
Also I feel your presence
Any moment, happy or sad!!

Hey God!!
Do you test me??
To see if I react or respond
If so let me thank you
For making me wise and strong
For me, life has been fun
Because of everything you made me love
Sometimes I prefer the world of illusion
As I am sure, few facts hurt even more
I am now prepared
To face the future lying ahead
And I sincerely bow to you
For everything you made me believe to succeed with joy!!

It is predetermined!!

Every time something is thought of
It is with some expectation
Knowing that it might hurt
Better it is to transform it to hope
Always think positive
It gives you a "Happy Present"
Also think negatives seldom
to avoid a hurting tomorrow
Many Opportunities lie ahead
what we choose makes the difference
May craters are also found
Be smart to escape them 
The thoughts thought today
makes way for tomorrow
But still life is
Predetermined and destined long ago!!!


Why does the heart feel the weight of unknown hurt?
Are the thoughts adding more burden?
Or is the reason so hidden
With this skeptic mind
And an unanswered question
How long do I have to struggle?
or Should I take it the way it comes?
It is not as easy as I say to be happy
And is tough to fight within
To identify what the reason could be!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happiness lies in OUR hands!!

The Happiness in gaining something we love is irreplaceable
The happiness in loving something we gain is infinite
The happiness in having we love is Ultimate
The Happiness in loving we have is forever!!

Happiness is a choice
Happiness is beyond being content
Happiness gives satisfaction
Happiness is life!!!

Don't Search for Happiness
It lies in YOUR hands
It is you who has to choose
Whether to opt or let it go!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

I am confused...Mind or Heart???

My Heart wants to shout to the world
Mind tells "Do not listen to her at all"
Too bewildered to take up one
Since both make me “What I am”

Heart tells it makes me light
Mind asks “So what???”
Both speak out the fact
Putting me in a situation that I cannot judge

Heart tells me to understand
Mind asks me “Why you always?”
Both never speak for each other
Not sure if I am myself or someone else!!

To them I am just a  ball
Unfortunately it hurts when thrown against the wall
In the end I bounce back with the same question
That is...Into whose hands should I land???