Monday, May 23, 2011

My Friends!!

Yeah! Hear I am!
Happy! Excited! Confused!

Loads of love and care
For me from many to Share

What do I expect anymore
May be hugs and Best Wishes
Pleasant words to encourage
Smiling face to Support
Without which my existence would have been difficult!
I love you for being there
and making me happy yet again
We had fights and laughter
And Now I have memories to cheer ever after
You made me gain the confidence
to fight the pain the world offers
Never would I dare to lose You
u r a gift treasured for a life time
I thank God for uniting us
Trust me, we are gonna be separated never ever !
Love you friend!! Love you Loads!!


Valli said...

Beautiful one :)

Euro said...

Bagundi :D

Siny U K Nair said...

Thanks Valli and Euro :)