Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Friend- My Rain

My Best friend for a life time 
Showered from so high
But I wonder why does the sky cry
Having my presence to cherish every moment with joy

Its arrival makes me happy
and sky no more serene
Delighting my heart
and glowing my face so bright

It doubles my excitement
Shares my tears
accompanying me for the moment
silently saying me that I am not alone and I need not fear

I love it when it drizzles
Its touch so soft and gentle
The raising up of soils essence
Makes me miss its absence

I know another companion of rain
It is the 7 colored VIBGYOR born to vanish all the pain
Together very beautiful and wonderful it is
Surprising me and consoling me at ease

I bow to the creator of mine
Blessing me with such a world to dine
 Adoring and Inspiring
Proving that this life is worth living!! 

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