Friday, July 15, 2011

My world then and my world Now!!

Once a beautiful world around
Only Family and friends through out
Every moment cheerful
With all things so colorful

Time with brothers and sisters was joyful
And that with Friends and neighbors was blissful
I always had the best in my life
And never there was place for grief and cry
Never life was a chance for me
Neither I had to compromise or plead
Always past was memorable
And I made sure tomorrow’s past is answerable

I always chose to be happy 
For having no reason to be sad 
But now it’s all new what I feel
With all the reasons in the world so bad

Once life was filled with only excitement
Now all hopes shattered with disappointment
Dreamt of many things that would happen
But all the dreams were just dreams to be real

Things once right are wrong today
Quitting the decisions once made is fading me away
Losing a part of life could even have been better
But losing my life to life is very bitter
It’s tough to accept life this way
My heavy heart cries within for this to say!!