Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My New World!!

Once I was in Love with it
and it was my dream
now I am with it
But it lead me to Scream
Back home down
Sometimes i frown
Hurting decision I made
For which I used to crave
Too much of excitement I had
Now What I feel is Bad
Can I make a difference?
I want the answer to be Yes!
I am like a corpse here
 none to speak or to share
Every day my friends visit me
they are frustration and anger
I go home silent
I reach home violent
I am disturbed everyday
as I find no grass but only hay

So much of difference in me
like a plant becoming a Tree
 I once called myself an angel
as I was always there to make my friends cheer
Now I need someone to treat me so
and someone who will never let me go
  One day I would jump laugh and enjoy
I wouldn't be this way and cry!!