Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Smile!!

A curve on my lips
 Extending from east to west :)
As strong as the whip
 visiting me as a regular guest!!
It comes to me when a baby smiles
Also when I think about you for a while
My Moms Hug and Dads Pat
My Sister's Kiss and my friend's Prank
All stores a Smile beneath
 and are reflected on my face with a sheen
I find it in every minute thing
 with no season and timing!
Every wish on my birthday carries it
 Every surprise my friends give brings me this ;)
The smell of mud during the first rain
Brings the smile vanishing all pains
My smile is hidden in the tom and jerry's fight
It is sincere and as pure as white
Smile for me is contagious
It has no end and is Precious
 Smile at me and I smile at you
It comes from heart and is true :)

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