Monday, August 22, 2011

Think before you hurt!!!

Being closer doesn’t bring people together

It is god’s decision to be born for each other

The first Love need not bond the two completely

Its confidence and understanding that play the reel

Saying “I Love you” sometimes fixes the joint

The expectations in love breaks the point

Never know when the other person leaves you

In the end it might be you who backs off and is true!!

Don’t be the part of love when you know it doesn’t work out

Poor the other part, it might have never dreamnt to be lost in drought

The scar your love leaves in others heart is not seen

The pain which is left behind is difficult to be healed.

This experience in life makes one's thoughts worse

Concluding that remembrance is always a curse..

Memories are better cherished only

Filling life with the love we wanted lavishly!!!




Siny U K Nair said...

Thanks Venu :)

Sri Valli said...

Very true lines...Beautifully written Siny!