Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rain.. always special ;)

It suddenly showered
The tiny drops of happiness
Pulling me towards the gallery
Adding life to the minute

The cold breeze touched my soul
Awakening the child in me
The hot tea I sipped
Made me feel the warmth in it

Suddenly a CDI 250 passed
Making me go crazy all over again
The excitement was for myself in silence
Trust me, it made this one of the best moments

These small little things in life
Matter the most when I turn back
Today, I collected one of such kind
To recollect and cherish this present forever!!

PS: CDI 250 S class is a model of car from Mercedes Benz. Though S Class 320 CDI black is my most fav car in the world. I call 250 as 320's brother ;) and 320 is my boy friend ;) So crazy rite.. but the happiness I gain for those few minutes is immense.